Bioethanol Fireplaces

Fire magic for inside and outside

A very clean thing, such a Bioethanol fireplace

With a bioethanol fireplace you can enjoy the view of a real, living fire, completely without cinder, soot and dirt. Everything what you need for it is a bioethanol fireplace, a ground or table fire as well as qualitatively high-quality Bio-Ethanol. A bioethanol fireplace offers some advantages compared with other fireplaces: you don't have to store logs, need no power connection, no chimney, no approvals and also no regular decrease by the chimney sweeper. Put up your new bioethanol fireplace simply where you would want - in the flat, in the conservatory or outside.

A design fire completely in your taste

Whether as a complete fireplace, installation fireplace insert or wall mounted fireplace - with a bioethanol fireplace you can become „ruler about the flames“ and adapt the flame picture to your wishes. Possibly by an infinitely variable regulable burner, by adding of ceramic wooden logs or pebble stones. Thus the flame picture becomes even more alive and resembles strongly a gas fire or wooden fire.

A bioethanol fireplace is anything but boring

Two glasses and a burner - is this your image of a table fire or bioethanol fireplace? We prove to you with pleasure that a bioethanol fireplace or Dekofeuer can be a real design object, even a sculpture or a piece of furniture. That's why we have straightened our assortment on fascinating nice bioethanol fireplaces from the most modern materials in extravagant forms and in spectacular colours. If you like to love the special and express your individuality also with a bioethanol fireplace, then you are exactly right with us!



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