Royal Nosta nostalgic tiled Stoves

If the traditional and the modern merge harmoniously with each other, when the tried and tested is passed on and enriched by innovation, then the condition for true art works is created.
So also ROYAL NOSTA was created, the premier class of the tiled stoves. The extravagant exterior is created by hand with attention to detail – from the base to the crown. The sophisticated interior of the royal space-heating stoves is of course equipped with sophisticated and environmentally friendly combustion technology.
We would like to take you on a journey into the world of ROYAL NOSTA. Let yourself be inspired by the majestic works of art from the tiled stove manufactory on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest.
Handmade in Germany. Handmade by SPARTHERM.

The tradition of the tiled stoves has its roots in human need for cozy warmth. – Or, to inflame the heart of a loved one. Whatever may have been whose motivation (…)
It is undisputed: In the course of time, the first rather primitive stoves developed into decorative furniture and highly sought-after works of art: with figures in the Renaissance style, with lush baroque forms or with ornate gilded ornaments. – Then as now, these beautiful stoves capture the hearts of every admirer and the passion of aesthetics.
And, then as now, historical findings of stove remains are used to create majestic space-heating stoves in the ROYAL NOSTA manufactory. Browse further and convert page by page into the footsteps of the old and new masters of the stove construction. Each stove has its own history. And, each furnace is unmistakeably unique, just like you.

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