Find out a new passion for fire

The fireplace stove - a classic in a modern outfit

Come along and free yourself from the thought that fireplace stoves are old-fashioned environmental sinners! Nowadays the classical fireplace stove is a heat source which is technically as well as optically on the most topical state. Traditionally with wood heats, or by gas or Bioethanol fed, he donates a pleasant warmth and offers - according to model - a miraculous fire experience from several perspectives. Whether cubically, around, hanging, swivelling, of steel, with glass or in an announced colour: with a fireplace stove you get romantic cosiness and a pleasant warmth in the house.

Design object fireplace stove

There are fireplace stoves which have already reached cult status. For example, the timeless stoves from Kanuk ®. The smallest implementation is already convincing with a heating volume of 140 m ³. Even in small rooms a fireplace stove becomes the highlight, while a compact fireplace stove with low outside measurements is mounted on the wall. Possibly the popular DRU Diablo which allows the view from three sides at the fire. Fireplace stoves can be customized by a choice of colours and materials easily to own taste. Besides, a fireplace stove with clean-glass-system always offers a clear view at the flickering flames.

A fireplace stove from the property market or specialised trade?

as a specialist supplier we know that there are many requirements to modern fireplace stoves. For ecologically friendly heating a fireplace stove must have a high efficiency (more than 75%) and keep to the limit values intended according to Federal Immission Protection Law, otherwise it comes to expensive refittings. Other important arguments for a high-quality fireplace stove from the specialised trade are the respectable and stable workmanship as well as a good insulation which prevents a too high outside temperature. It depends not on the price, but on the quality, so that the fireplace stove becomes a "long-runner".


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