Fireplaces for gas from leading manufacturers

Gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular!

More and more homeowners are buying a gas fireplace instead of a wood burning fire. The advantages of a gas fireplace are not to be despised:

  • no wood storage outside and inside - the purchase is of course also eliminated
  • no dirt in the apartment at the wood storage, no animals that you bring in from outside
  • no ash disposal, as none are incurred
  • no glass cleaning
  • immediately ready for use - switch on by remote control and enjoy the fire
  • Room air independent operation - mandatory for houses with ventilation systems
So a lot already speaks for the purchase of a gas fireplace.


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Wanders Gaskamin Square 40

gas fire from Wanders 5,3 kW

now 2.987,75 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 40 (from a total of 240)
Of course, the connection must be made by a professional; but there is also the exhaust system, a concentric pipe system directly to the outside or up. An existing chimney can also be used.

Here you will find gas fireplaces and burners from different manufacturers. On request, you can also get gas fireplaces from Faber.

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