EFS Heaters with 121cm Height

EFS Heaters with 121cm Height

Available with 1000 to 2500 W output in 4 output levels and 2 dimensions and can therefore be used perfectly in bathrooms. Whether as additional or full heating, you decide! The electric surface storage heater is ideal for replacing outdated night storage or gas floor heating systems. This is especially true if you not only want it to be cosy and warm, but also particularly attractive: 

The electric heaters are available with various thermostats, as well as with towel rails. 


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Electric storage heaters: Efficient heat from the socket

Electric storage heaters are a tried and tested method of heating residential and commercial premises.

  • Storage core: Inside the heater is a storage core, usually made of special stones or ceramic materials that have a high heat storage capacity. These materials can store large amounts of heat and release it slowly.
  • Regulation and control: Modern electric storage heaters are equipped with thermostats and programmable controls. These enable precise regulation of the room temperature and optimise energy consumption.
  •  Environmental friendliness: Electric storage heaters produce no direct emissions and can be powered by renewable energy.
  • Comfort: The continuous heat output ensures constant comfort without temperature fluctuations.
  • Flexibility: They are ideal for buildings without access to gas or other fuels and can be installed in almost any room.  

Areas of application: Electric storage heaters are versatile and are suitable for living spaces as well as office buildings, holiday homes and workshops. They are particularly useful in areas where alternative heating systems are difficult to install or operate.