Jawotherm Serie N

A Jawo® heating system is ideal as full or supplementary heating and is an optimum alternative to night storage heaters. Thanks to the milestone we have set in control technology, our Jawo heating system has an integrated electronic LCD control. Integrated time-dependent temperature control according to your needs gives you flexibility and targeted heating. Our product is rounded off by our high-quality Koalit® ceramic storage core. A Jawo heating system of the new generation offers you an ideal supplement or alternative to your heating system. With the dynamic Koalit full heat storage tank, the electric heater offers you an economical solution, especially as a fully-fledged replacement for night storage heaters. When you choose a radiator from us, you get a high-quality product at a fair price made of aluminium with our innovative and extremely heat-binding Koalit® ceramic storage core.

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Electric heating and saving electricity In contrast to storage heaters, our electric heaters are not operated with high voltage current, but with 230 volts. Planning ahead, especially in the transitional season, is a thing of the past with our electric heating. The heat is available when you need it. You determine your heating requirements individually. You can conveniently set your desired heating times and temperatures directly on the Jawo® electric heater. This saves money and significantly reduces your consumption. The fact that a lower voltage is always used also makes our electric heater attractive. Trouble with the night storage disposal? No problem for us! As a customer service, we offer professional disposal of night storage heaters in Germany at fair prices. Don't dismantle your night storage heaters on your own. Toxic asbestos fibres or chrome compounds can cause lasting damage to your health if handled incorrectly. Save yourself a lot of stress and also protect your health.